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Club rules

      1. Arena Fitness Club is a doping free fitness club, and has a zero tolerance policy concerning the use of doping.
      2. Persons who appear to be influenced by drugs or alchohol will be refused admittance to Arena Fitness Club.
      3. Always use your membership card to register when arriving at Arena Fitness Club.
      4. Please pay attention to your personal hygiene – this will be greatly appreciated by the other members of Arena.
      5. Wear appropriate clothes, and show consideration for others. It is not allowed to exercise barefoot or topless.
      6. Use clean indoor shoes.
      7. Use a towel when exercising on the cardio or strength machines.
      8. Wipe down machines and equipment after use. Paper and disinfectant spray can be found in the training studio.
      9. Return equipment to its appropriate place after use.
      10. Let others use the equipment between sets.
      11. It is not allowed to use cups or open-topped bottles outside the café area by the reception.
      12. Children under the age of 13 are not allowed in the training studio for safety reasons.
      13. Only instructors, personal trainers and other employees of Arena Fitness Club are allowed to teach/instruct in the club.
      14. Show consideration when using mobile phones/personal music players.
      15. It is not allowed to take pictures of or film other members without their permission.

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