What the new national rules mean for fitness clubs

New national rules to limit the spread of Covid19 will be in force from 25.3.21 to 14.4.21. The new rules for fitness clubs are as follows:

  • Fitness clubs can stay open for members who live in the same municipality as the club.
  • Those who live in other municipalities can also use the fitness club for individual training that is booked in advance, and for rehabilitation training on an individual basis or as part of a group with a leader.

This means that if you live in Stavanger or Klepp you can use Arena as normal. If you live in Sola, Randaberg, Sandnes or another municipality you can come to Arena for personal training sessions (1:1 and PT groups), training sessions with a physiotherapist and massage therapy.

(NB! This text has been amended 6.4. after clarification from the local government concerning how these rules should be interpreted.)

There must be a distance of 2 meters between persons in the changing rooms, group training studios and in the fitness studio.

We are only open for members!

Remember to wash your hands, and stay home if you are feeling unwell!

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